Being online and having an established digital presence isn’t optional for businesses anymore. Your customers, young and old, expect you to be online in one way or another, whether it’s a claimed Google My Business account, social media account, or website. 

Gone are the days when being on the YellowBook was enough to bring you business. Nowadays there are some platforms and online services which you must be active and present on, otherwise you’re losing customers, both current and new, to your competition.

Here are four solid reasons why your business should have an online presence.

A digital presence is expected

A digital presence is expected not only by new customers, but also by your current customers. Let’s say you’re a restaurant. By having a Google My Business listing, your customers will look you up to see if your restaurant is open at a certain time. Or let’s say you’re an alteration shop. Your customers, both new and current, will go on it to see if you work with certain material, etc.


Let’s say you’re a painter. You got a van that’s wrapped with your advertisement on it. But unfortunately, your van can’t be everywhere. How are people on the other side of your city finding you? They can’t, unless you have a digital presence. Word of mouth is nice, but unfortunately that’s starting to die off, or moving online, for example on apps like Nextdoor, or Facebook Groups.


A digital presence allows businesses to make a lasting impressions with their customers. For example, if you’re an interior designer, you should have a website with a porftolio of projects you have done. Therefore your customers can get inspired, and you can leave them with a lasting impressions, which would ultimately convert them into customers.

24/7/365 Availability

Having a digital presence, and especially a website, means that your business is open 24/7. As an example, we’ll take a family that’s sitting in the dining room, thinking about getting a patio/deck. Naturally, they go online and start doing research on a patio/deck they like, then the next step is looking for companies near them that build patios/decks. By having a website and listing all your services, they can easily schedule an estimate with you. Can you imagine if you didn’t have a website? We can! They’d be going to your competitor.

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