Frequently Asked Questions

While we register the domain name on your behalf, it’s you who owns the domain. Unlike other companies, we don’t hold your domain hostage. If you ever decide to stop our services, you could always request to have your domain name transferred to you.

Although we start with a template as a wireframe for your new website, every aspect of your website will be custom tailored to match your company, your logo, etc.

Yes, 100% of our team is based in Michigan, USA. We are proud to say that we don’t outsource any of our work, all done in-house.
There’s a lot of updates and maintenance that goes into a website. We see a lot of websites that are outdated, expired, hacked, or simply have the wrong information. By paying a small hosting & maintenance fee, we make sure that your website is always running as it should, it’s always online, never outdated, never expired, never hacked, and has always up-to-date information.
We serve almost any industry. There are however some exclusions, for example we don’t work with: Adult websites, gambling websites, illegal websites.
Our websites are built with conversion in mind, to ultimately bring you more customers. However, there are some websites that we can’t include for our monthly fee, but instead we have to give you a custom quote. Some websites that we have to custom quote on are but not limited to: membership websites, organization websites, or other websites that require more functionality, such as logins. For more information on whether your project is included on our monthly price or if it needs to be custom quoted, feel free to contact us at