We take website security very seriously. Websites get hacked all the time, or infected with malware. We take proactive measures to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your website. Here are the security measures we take:

Network and Data Communication
Remote access requires VPN connection and two factor authentication.

Antivirus, Malware Protection and Path Management
Automated vulnerability scans are conducted regularly in order to detect web application vulnerabilities.

Backup & Restore
Our static resources (images, files, scripts) are automatically backed up on a daily basis via AWS AMI. In addition, data is replicated to another AWS data center.

Monitoring and Alerts
Our system uses several automated monitoring tools meant to detect abnormalities and misuse.

Access Control
All data communication networks with external access are protected by a central firewall. Networks are separated for functionality and usage.

Networks, firewall, SSL Certificates and virtual private network (VPN) is used when accessing our critical systems.

All TCP outbound communication is SSL encrypted.

Our web servers are equipped with state-of-the-art malware protection and intrusion detection systems.

Cetnral patch management is conducted on a regular basis by AWS for security related updates to ensure known security issues cannot be used to gain unauthorized access to systems and data.

We use AWS automated backup features that allow us to restore the database state and data to any point in time in the past 14 days. In addition we perform periodic database snapshots via RDS API.
Questions about website security? Feel free to contact us by using the live chat on the bottom left corner, or by clicking here.

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